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MVS16-4 Mobile Video System

Handy, mobile and robust live video system
MVS16-4 by VIXID, the Mobile Video System
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MVS16-4 (for Mobile Video System) is the perfect video unit for live productions. Enclosed in a complete and robust flight-case, this mobile video system can cover all kinds of events: conferences, sport events, concerts, live-streamed TV shows...

At the heart of your system, VJX16-4 video switcher provides 4 video channels, as well as various tools: keyers for inlays and titles, color correctors to calibrate your video cameras or tint your sources, multi Pictures in Pictures, effects... Always keep an eye on your inputs and on all 3 output programs thanks to 7 professional monitors: the ultimate preview experience for all your live productions.

This easy to carry, simple to install and very reliable video unit will allow you to save time during setup and guarantee your video services quality:

MVS16-4 (Mobile Video System) by VIXID for professional use
  • Truly Mobile Video Solution. The whole mobile video system is concentrated in a single element with wheels and handles.
  • Faster Setup. All video unit components are pre-wired and all you have to do is connect your sources and outputs at the back of the flight-case. And you are set!
  • Hardware is Safe. This solution is robust thanks to an ultra-rugged flight-case on silent-block suspensions.

Discover the various components of the mobile video system in the Features tab.
Discover the video unit customization possibilities in the VIXID Labs tab.

Main Features

"This Mobile Video System includes all you need for live video productions." Here are the main features for MVS16-4’s various components:

VJX16-4 video switcher

VJX16-4 video switcherAt the heart of this mobile video system, lies the most versatile video switcher available.
VJX16-4 wipes away traditional video switchers constraints by offering simultaneous control over 4 video channels.
Resize, trim, move, inlay, tint… your 4 video bus for professional productions (multi PiP, multi-layers inlays and titles…). With 4 video tracks, experience the power of a broadcast system in a compact solution:

  • 4 simultaneous mixing video channels
  • 16 inputs / 6 outputs over 3 distinct programs
  • Color/Chroma/Luma Keyers on each channel for inlays and titles
  • Color correctors (R/G/B and Luminosity/Contrast/Saturation)
  • Video sources resize, trim and move tools
  • Numerous effects
  • Audio and MIDI interactions
  • ... Find out more on the VJX16-4 video switcher product page.

4 x 4'' TFT professional monitors

Quad TFT professional monitors With this professional screen rack, you always keep an eye on your video sources. Connect your video cameras and other sources in BNC for a professional preview on 4 TFT screens.

  • 4 active-matrix color 4" diagonal TFT screens
  • 4 looping outputs, Loopthrough
  • Luminosity and contrast settings on each screen
  • Large vision angles
  • Low power consumption
  • Articulated front panel for multiple angle operation
  • Metal 19'' 3U case

3 x 5.7'' LCD professional monitors

Triple LCD professional monitors With the second screen rack includes in the mobile video system, you can comfortably preview all 3 output programs (for instance: one final and two independent previews).

  • 3 x 5.7" diagonal LCD screens
  • 2 video inputs on each screen (A-B)
  • 3 looping outputs, Loopthrough
  • Articulated front panel for multiple angle operation
  • Front panel luminosity and contrast settings on each screen
  • Color and sharpness settings on each screen via OSD menu
  • 3U rack rugged metal case

Flight-case with suspended 19" 12U rack

A secure flight-case for a mobile video system Secure all your elements in a single 19'' 12U flight-case for easy transport and faster setup. This suspended rack is specifically designed for heavy and very fragile hardware. The silentbloc© suspension absorbs shocks without causing any damage to the devices.

  • Front and rear lids with storage space on the top part
  • 4 fitted handles
  • Suitable for devices 540mm deep max
  • Steel bay with front and rear 19’’ profiled on rubber suspension

Sliding steel shelf

Sliding steel shelf This 2U rack shelf on slide brings great comfort when using the video production unit. Your video switcher can be moved outside the flight case during the event, and then moved back inside for transport.

2U rack fixed shelf

Rack fixed shelf This 2U rack shelf provides space for your peripherals. You can use it to integrate a DVD player, DV VCR, encoder or any other device in your video production unit.

BNC Neutrik© connectors extender OPTION

BNC connectors extender for mobile video system Choose the BNC Neutrik©connectors extender and simply connect your sources and outputs at the back of the mobile video system. Easily connect without having to go inside the flight-case. Thanks to BNC connectors, your wiring is protected against unexpected disconnecting.


VJX16-4 video switcher
Buses 4 independant video tracks (4 layers A/B/C/D)
Inputs / Outputs
  • Video Inputs: 16 ins (8 composites + 8 Yc)
  • Video Outputs: 6 outs (3 composites + 3 Yc)
  • Audio: 1 in (2 RCA) / 1 out (2 RCA)
  • MIDI: 1 in / 1 out (5 pin DIN)
Video Format Full D1 PAL (720*576@25fps) or NTSC (720*480@30fps)
Digital processing Internal Processing: 4:4:4:4 (R/G/B/Alpha)
Video Sampling: 4:2:2 (Y,Cr,Cb) 10 bits 13.5 MHz (BT.601)
Functions On each bus are available independently and at the same time:
  • Red / Green / Blue correction
  • Brightness / Contrast / Saturation correction
  • Color / Chroma / Luma Keyer
  • Pan/Tilt, Mirrors, Flips, Blow, Mosaic...
  • Crop function (Crop left, Crop right, Crop up Crop down)
  • Original blend modes: normal, additive, average, darken, lighten, stamp, difference,...
  • 27 different wipes including bright and dark transition wipes
  • ...
Click here to discover more about VJX16-4 video switcher and its specifications.
Type Quad 4'' TFT screen rack Triple 5.7'' LCD screen rack
Screen 4 x 4'' (6.35 cm) 3 x 5.7'' (14.48 cm)
Surface display 87.84 x 49.776 mm 116.16 x 87.12 mm
Resolution 480 x 272 (16:9) 680*480
Pitch pixels 0.183 x 0.183 mm 0.1815 x 0.1815 mm
Contrast 300:1 300:1
Brighness 400 cd/m² 220 cd/m²
Viewing Angle H: 45/45° - V: 10/30° H: 140° - V: 100°
Inputs & Outputs 2 BNC in (Composite)
1 BNC out (Composite)
2 BNC ins (composite)
1 BNC out (composite)
Dimensions 19'' x 3U - P: 133 mm 19'' x 3U - P: 77.5 mm
Weight 4 Kg 3.5 Kg
Power supply 12 V DC Ac 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption 20 W 36 W
Rack case format: 19'' 12U, P: 540 mm
Ext. Dim. : 620 x 590 x H690 mm
Int. height : 540 mm
Recessed handles number : 4
Devices maximum depth : 540 mm
Number of screws : 40


VIXID Labs, custom-built solutions

Are you seeking a customized solution for your video production? VIXID Labs can support your project and develop a unique solution for you.

  • Integration of live streaming solutions
  • SDI ins and outs, FireWire, Ethernet...
  • Up and Down converters
  • Connectors extender at the rear of the flight-case
  • ...

Our engineers consider every request very carefully, and suggest custom solutions in order to provide you with a specific and appropriate answer.

Click here to email VIXID Labs or call +33 (0)1 83 62 33 97.