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VJX16-4 Video Mixer

The most versatile live video mixer
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Unlike traditional video mixers with their limitations, 4 videos (instead of 2) can be simultaneously mixed together, in real time and without latency.

With its extreme versatility, the VJX16-4 adapts itself to all kinds of configurations and needs.
VJs, theatre companies, music bands, Web TVs, events broadcasting, concerts recording, audio visual production, conferences, live shows, sports events reach a whole new level of creation with the VJX16-4, free from the usual constraints.

The VJX16-4 is the video mixer that truly opens new possibilities of audio visual creation with 4 video tracks mixable simultaneously, 16 inputs, 6 outputs, keyers, audio video synchronization, and innovative effects applicable to each or every track.

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Main Features

4 simultaneous video tracks

Video layers diagram

The VJX16-4 is a revolution in video mixing, with a concept that goes beyond traditional 2 channel video mixers A/B, that allow one image (A) or the other (B), or both at the same time (A+B). The VJX16-4 gives more control: up to 4 sources can be seen on screen (A+B+C+D) and simultaneously mixed together, without latency or interruption

An exclusive design for a new way of approaching video mixing

The ergonomic design of the VJ16X4 brings greater control and creativity in an intuitive user friendly way. You will feel comfortable using it within seconds, but it will keep on surprising you for a long time.

16 inputs - 6 outputs (3 independent outputs pairs) - EXCLUSIVE

Connect all your inputs, without fearing you don't have enough sockets! Up to 16 video sources can be connected (4 inputs per fader): computers, DVD players, cameras, can all be plugged into the video mixer. With its 6 outputs, this video mixer offers more possibilities than any other on the market. But that's not all, the VJX16-4 allows you to send up to 3 different videos simultaneously with its 3 output pairs. VJX16-4 audio video mixer Rear panel

Blend modes - EXCLUSIVE

Blend mode function Our innovative blend modes enable you to mix images in creative ways never seen before on a portable video mixer. Above each video track, a blend mode knob will allow you to layer videos sources with exceptional aesthetics. The VJX16-4 guarantees the outstanding quality so far reserved for professional computer graphic designers.
These diverse blend modes (Lighten, darken, difference, average, subtract, stamp, Xor...) make your complete mixing experience easier; they help you mix in cameras, text, logos and video footage more creatively.

Fully programmable Keyers - EXCLUSIVE

Keyers: 4 chroma / luma / color keyers Multiple types of keyers (Chroma Keyers, Luma Keyers, Color Keyers) are readily accessible on this live video mixer. The trackball is used to select either a color or a luminosity level, and make it instantly disappear. Tolerance and transition parameters allow you to fine tune the edges with excellent quality. For example, using green (or blue) backgrounds to key in another image is done very easily with exceptional quality. You can use up to 4 different keyers at the same time (one on each video track).

Multi Picture in Picture - EXCLUSIVE

PiP: multi Pictures in Picture With 4 bus to play with, a "multiple" PiP - rather than the conventional single PiP - can be achieved: each of the 4 simultaneous videos can be easily resized and positioned anywhere on screen.

A professional video quality

Professional video quality Featuring a quality superior to the DV quality, the VJX16-4 integrates state of the art video converter components. Thanks to its specifically designed digital image processor, the video mixer ensures high quality video processing.
With an automatic time based correction (TBC) on each of the 4 bus, you do not need to use external synchronization system: switching and fading from one track to another is seamless, and do not suffer from any latency. The videos can then be mixed and displayed simultaneously, in real time, with a rofessional quality.

Audio interactivity

Audio video interactivity Thanks to its RCA audio inputs, this video mixer fully reacts to its musical environment. By plugging the VJX16-4 audio video mixer to an audio source (mixing desk, instrument), the visual effects respond in sync to the music's rhythm and BPM.

MIDI control

MIDI control The MIDI input and output increase the VJX16-4's capacities: by linking the VJX16-4 to a computer, presets can be automated, or channels swiped from one video to another - before the performance or during with a single click from your computer. You can also control other devices with your video mixer, using the Midi Output slot.

Transition modes

Wipes: all types of transition modes All types of transition modes (cuts, fades, wipes) are made possible: You can either use the cut buttons, or the faders to fade in or out… or even use the fifth horizontal fader to crossfade from one track to another using numerous types of wipes.

Numerous effects available for each track

Video Fx The VJX16-4 allows a wide array of effects to accompany your mixes, including exclusive Vixid effects like the block effect, as well as the conventional mirrors, mosaic, freeze, etc... Each effect is fully programmable and can be applied to as many of the 4 tracks as you wish, so each layer has different effects at the same time.

Facilitated image correction

RGB-BCS correctors (Red Green Blue) RGB (Red Green Blue) parameters as well as BCS (Brightness Contrast Saturation) parameters are easily accessible for each video track. Additionally, a gain controller for each of the 4 bus allows you to quickly fix any exposure problems and adapt swiftly to the images.

Create your own presets

Presets functions Up to 144 presets can be saved into the internal memory, remaining available when the machine is next turned on. For each type of effect, 16 presets can be saved, so you will never lose the customized effect you designed yourself. It can then be used anytime on the go.

All projection formats

Crop Mask for all projection formats This live video mixer brings many solutions to adapt the image's size to fit innovative projection formats. You can fully customize and personalize the projected image by applying a mask created on a computer. The crop options also allow you to create inventive new formats, so you are not limited by the usual 4/3.


Multi-standard video mixer: PAL-NTSC formats The video mixer features PAL / SECAM / NTSC formats, as well as a universal AC/DC power supply, so can accompany you to any country.

Compact and reliable

Mobile and portable video mixer Developed and made in France, the VJX16-4 audio video mixer offers quality and robustness beyond reproach. Made of steel and aluminum, rather than plastic, it is more reliable and resistant for all types of use.
With its compact size (32 by 35 by 8 centimeters for 5 kilos), it is perfectly mobile and transportable, which allows your audio visual creativity to express itself anywhere.


Video Processing
Buses 4 independant video tracks (4 layers A/B/C/D)
Frame synchronizers 4 internal Time Base Corrections (4 TBCs)
Video Effects On each bus are available independently and at the same time:
  • RGB gain correction
  • RGB offset correction
  • Brightness Contrast Saturation level correction
  • Gain correction
  • Black and white
  • Negation
  • Pan/Tilt, Mirrors, Flips, Blow, Mosaic
  • Crop function (Crop left, Crop right, Crop up Crop down)
  • Freeze, Strobe, block
Video Keys 4 independent video keys to control the Alpha component of each track: Chroma key, Luma key or Color key are available.
Tolerance and Transition parameters can be adjusted for each key.
Blend modes Normal, Additive, Average, Darken, Lighten, Stamp, Difference, Subtract, Negation, Xor, Red, Green, Blue.
Wipes 27 different wipes including bright and dark transition wipes.
Video Format Full D1 PAL (720*576@25fps) or NTSC (720*480@30fps)
Internal Processing 4:4:4:4 (R/G/B/Alpha)
Video Sampling 4:2:2 (Y, Cr, Cb) 10 bits 13.5 MHz (BT.601)
Audio Processing
Audio Processing Real time audio processing to control video effect parameters with incoming analogue audio
Video Inputs 8 * Video Composite RCA type (1.0 Vpp, 75 Ohm)
8 * S-Video (Y/C) 4 pin mini DIN type (Y: 1.0 Vpp, C: 0.286 Vpp, 75 Ohm)
Video Outputs 3 * Video Composite RCA type (1.0 Vpp, 75 Ohm)
3 * S-Video (Y/C) 4 pin mini DIN type (Y: 1.0 Vpp, C: 0.286 Vpp, 75 Ohm)
MIDI Interface MIDI IN 5 pin DIN type
MIDI OUT/THRU 5 pin DIN type
Audio Inputs 2 mono channels RCA type
Audio Outputs 2 mono channels RCA type
USB USB port for internal firmware upgrades
Owner's Manual Owner's Manual in English and French included
Power Supply Universal power supply AC 100-240V 50-60Hz / DC 5V - 3 A
Power Consumption 15 W  
Dimensions 320 * 350 * 80 mm 12.2 * 13.8 * 3.15 inches
Weight 5 kg 11 lbs
Options Flight-case, LCD monitors

Typical setup

Video mixer typical setup - VJX16-4

There are many ways to use the wide variety of inputs provided by the VJX16-4.

  • With 16 inputs, you can connect as many cameras, computers, DVD players and other video sources as you need.
  • 6 video outputs can simultaneously be used to project your performance, preview it, record it, etc.
    Moreover, 3 different types of outputs can be assigned, in order to send 3 different images to video projectors, TV screens and recording devices.
  • The VJX16-4 can be connected directly to all midi devices, to automate your video performance, through the MIDI IN/OUT plugs.
    And via the RCA audio inputs/outputs, visual effects can be synchronized to the music.

Imagine all the plugging possibilities...


Firmware update

The VJX16-4 video mixer can be updated with the last firmware version thanks to this PC compatible application. The last firmware version number is v2.12.
Documentation, application and dedicated drivers are included in the downloadable archive file.


The VJX16-4 video mixer manual is available online here.

logo pdf Alternatively, you can download the VJX16-4 user manual in pdf format: VJX16-4 Manual.

Product brochure

The VJX16-4 video mixer brochure is available online here.

logo pdf Download the VJX16-4 live video mixer brochure in pdf format.

MIDI control examples

This video mixer can be controlled by a computer using MIDI protocol: it means you can use a wide range of softwares to control your mixer, from music applications to video-oriented softwares.

Visit the VJX16-4 blog to find some documented projects and examples of MIDI control, for various softwares, such as:

  • Ableton Live: a loop-based software music sequencer: click here
  • Pure Data: an open source, multi-platform, real-time environment for audio and video processing: click here
  • VDMX: a semi-modular visual tool and media processing environment for Mac OS: click here

With its numerous functionalities, the VJX16-4 is the most versatile video mixer. Click on one of the following buttons to discover its benefits for your use.